The next generation of healthtech entrepreneurs is developing unique and innovative products, designed to make a difference to the healthcare industry. To help them get their ideas off the ground HCF Catalyst, a health tech accelerator program, is helping start-ups and scale-ups transform their health and wellness ideas into investment-ready businesses.

We meet three of the finalists from this year’s program. Vantari VR has developed a proprietary imaging tool that utilises virtual reality (VR) to enable new ways to visualise, interpret and understand medical images.

It achieves this by pulling together cutting-edge rendering technology to take medical imaging into VR. Vantari VR delivers value to three key groups across the healthcare value chain, including surgical planning, patient decision-making and medical education.

Inspiration for founders Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan and Dr Vijay Paul came from a deep-seated desire to make an impact, not just on individual patient lives but also on medicine and healthcare delivery as a whole. Vantari VR can be used by surgeons for diagnostic and surgical planning purposes, allowing them to make informed and strategic decisions based on in-depth understanding and interpretation of medical imaging.

Patients benefit from Vantari VR, because its ability to help clinicians decipher often complex medical diagnostic imagery assists them in making empowered decisions about their health, in conjunction with their doctor. The app also has practical applications in medical education. Read more from…

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