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2 comments so far Roddenberry Entertainment and Linden Labs (creator of the popular virtual world Second Life) have created a new virtual reality experience for Trekkies using their Sansar platform, called The Roddenberry Nexus. Visitors can explore a three-level gallery of artifacts from the Roddenberry archives.

Roddenberry Entertainment had a preview of The Roddenberry Nexus at Star Trek Las Vegas last weekend, and now Sansar has released a video walkthrough for those who didn’t try the demo in Las Vegas. The physical space is modeled after the TOS movie era design style.

You can see a similarity to the recreation deck as seen in TMP, and the large doors between sections as seen in the Regula One space lab in TWOK. Looking at a model of the prototype Enterprise from Planet of the Titans A virtual mannequin wearing a TNG 3rd season command uniform.

SAN FRANCISCO – August 1, 2018 – Sansar®, the premier destination for social VR, today announced their latest collaboration with Roddenberry Entertainment: the Roddenberry Nexus in Sansar – a new virtual experience for fans that showcases the best of Roddenberry’s science fiction properties, including never-before-seen art and artifacts from Star Trek®’s fifty-two-year history and new stories such as the short film Instant. The hangout space will serve as a venue for future Roddenberry events and fan meet-ups, and can be demoed live at the 2018 Star Trek Convention (August 1-5), in the Tropical Room at Las Vegas’s Rio Hotel & Casino.

In offering fans virtual access to its archives, from anywhere in the world, Roddenberry Entertainment continues to pioneer a richer, more interactive fan experience – one where fans not only have more places to hang and connect, but also new ways of experiencing the storied Roddenberry legacy. It’s an innovative streak that reaches back months: this past May, the company collaborated with Sansar to host a live episode of its Mission Log Podcast, aboard a virtual recreation of the bridge from the original Enterprise; a virtual Star Trek trivia night followed in early July. Read more from…

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