Serving the Central Susquehanna Valley Since 1937 Jordan Nash, an attendant at Fantasy Escape Room in Lewisburg, plays a game on the one of the new VR stations. WINFIELD — Valley motorists dreading another day of gridlock caused by a closed Rev.

David McAndrew put pen to paper beneath the letterhead of the parish he pas LEWISBURG — Those who want to step into other worlds are about to get their wish. Ralph Gonzales, the owner of Fantasy Escape Room in Lewisburg, plans to unveil on Saturday a virtual reality gaming system that immerses players into a digital world.

Players can be gunslingers in the old west keeping off enemies with a six-shooter, wizards brewing potions, chefs making food, drummers keeping with the beat and at least 30 other interactive scenarios. “It’s going to be big,” Gonzales said.

“The gamers are going to love it.” Located inside the basement of 310 Market St., Gonzales and his crew have been working with little sleep to renovate the space across from the escape rooms. Fantasy Escape VR has four rooms with potential for all four players to be involved in the same game. The system will start with around 30 games, but Gonzales said hundreds of others are available.

The two systems — HTC Vive and Oculus Rift — feature two handheld motion-tracking controllers and a headset that used room scale tracking technology, allowing the users to move in 3D space and interact with the environment. It’s basically a “computer program that allows you to be in the program instead of your desk,” said employee Jordan Nash. Read more from…

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