The results are in when it comes to innovation. Fast Company released their 2018 list of “Most Innovative Companies” this week.

The project takes a look at some of the most memorable campaigns of 2017, and how companies used new technology to make an impact across business and culture. The annual project, curated by the Fast Company staff, typically takes a snapshot of the top 50 companies who went above and beyond.

This year, the team also broke up the companies by sector, to take a closer look at how similar companies innovated in different ways. The big players are hardly a surprise.

Apple and Netflix top the list, with Amazon and Spotify not too far behind. Patagonia make a huge splash last year with their “The President Stole Your Land” campaign, which put the brand in the spotlight as they took a social stand.

And CVS made strides in healthcare with its innovative use of AI, coupled with a more customer-centric approach. Top 10 marketing and advertising Wieden + Kennedy:  The longstanding advertising agency broke into experimenting with VR this year, helping KFC create an immersive training experience. Read more from…

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