The research arm of Fidelity Investments has teamed up with Amazon to develop a digital financial adviser, which people can interact with through a virtual reality headset. In a demonstration on Tuesday, the virtual adviser called Cora could listen to a person’s requests to see the stock market performance of a certain company, reports news website Fortune.

Cora would then have a stock chart appear on a wall in her virtual office which could be analysed by the user. Adam Schouela, vice president of product management at Fidelity Labs, said Cora is unique as she can respond to voice commands.

“Consider your most recent question about your investments. Now imagine being able to ask that question of a person standing right in front of you.

Well, virtually that is,” he said. While Cora is only available to the Fidelity Lab creators, the company does plan to show it to customers to gain feedback.

Cora was created using a platform called Amazon Sumerian. The technology provides tools and resources that allow anyone to create and run virtual reality, 3D applications and Amazon web services. Read more from…

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