Finalists in the National Geographic CHASING GENIUS challenge included people proposing technology-driven solutions for health, public safety, and social connections. Inspired by her mother and grandfather, a Philadelphia woman who is trying to bridge language barriers in physical therapy by using mobile technology is the latest winner in National Geographic’s CHASING GENIUS challenge.

Asha Gummadi’s smartphone app helps doctors prescribe virtual physical therapy to patients in developing countries. The Philadelphia-based neurological physical therapist collected the most audience votes with her video submission, Empowering Tele Rehabilitation with Digital Connectivity.

She won a $25,000 prize to take her vision further. Therex Portal helps people access physical therapy exercises in different languages.

With her service, Therex Portal, Gummadi hopes to help those who might not have access to rehab clinics or to nearby physical therapists who speak the same language. The idea came when Gummadi’s mother was prescribed a particular type of physical therapy, yet had no nearby therapists to take her through it or explain it in her language.

“It is a great honor to be selected as the winner,” Gummadi said Wednesday. “I would like to thank every person who voted for me.” Read more from…

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