First Contact Entertainment had one goal when developing “Firewall Zero Hour” for the PlayStation VR: To make a fun, multiplayer first-person shooter in virtual reality. And, at least played as a communicating group, it seems they’ve succeeded.

“Firewall Zero Hour” is a team-based, tactical multiplayer shooter that takes eight players, splits them into defenders and attackers and unleashes them on a small map. The game feels a bit like an old Rainbow Six title or perhaps SOCOM, both stripped of some of the nuance and in-game tactical briefings.

One group sets up around a briefcase, dropping a few defensive items like mines, while the other group streams through the maze-like halls of the map trying to take down the defenders so they can grab and hack the briefcase. While the game offers several movement options, I found even playing with total control over movement using a thumb stick didn’t make me feel nauseous, one of the key problems that First Contact was aiming to solve in developing the game.

Adam Orth, creative strategist at the studio, told Variety that the team was pondering what to do next after creating “Walking Dead” and “John Wick” VR games. “We just wanted to solve the VR problems of locomotion, multiplayer and comfort,” he said.

“The team has a really, very strong FPS lineage. So we looked at the landscape and said these are the things we want to solve, this is what is missing. Read more from…

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