Kay Meseberg heads the ARTE unit dedicated to upcoming technologies. FNE invited him to tell us about the role innovative new technologies will play in the future.

The Future Starts Now: How to find out about the changing media landscape the pragmatic way Surprise happens. To be surprised by an invitation from China happens.

Not that this is unusual. But the point of this invitation really was.

While travelling the world to talk about the recent VR and 360 activities I have been heading for some years now at the European cultural network ARTE, I was surprised by this invitation in particular because the invitation to this conference in Quingdao was based on an article I wrote five years ago. The text of my article From Smartphone to SmartTV was published and republished, shared and liked.

It was based on the idea to add, with a listical, some enthusiasm to the challenges based on digitalisation that are facing everybody in touch with what is still biggest slice of the entertainment market -TV. The invitation from China arrived at a moment when the industry had reached a new tipping point. Read more from filmneweurope.com…

thumbnail courtesy of filmneweurope.com