In-demand skills for freelancers To remain competitive, freelancers should constantly look into expanding and upgrading their skills. In the ever-changing job landscape, adaptability is the key to remaining an in-demand hire.

Upwork recently released a new study that indicates how the cooperation between businesses and freelancers will change in the next few years and what skills will remain in high demand. According to the study, the majority of respondents state that solid talent is hard to find, especially in certain specific areas.

The need for skills is becoming far more specialized. Businesses no longer seek to hire just a “good developer”.

They look for candidates with specialized skills – data science, AI, robotics, blockchain technology, etc. Companies are developing far more flexible attitudes toward the use of remote workers, teams and freelancers, both for short and long-term needs.

Fifty-nine percent of hiring managers stated that they are currently using what they call “flexible” talent – freelancers and other temporary talent supplied by agencies. And most of them believe that this trend will significantly increase over the next decade. Read more from…

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