Sure, there are the Razzies, which honor the worst acting performances and directing jobs. But there’s no (dis)honor for film innovations that backfired.

We asked four film experts to each write about a different flop. Some ideas were on the right track and would eventually be realized in one form or another.

But others are probably best relegated to the dustbin of history. In the 1950s, the popularity of television exploded, and the film industry started experimenting with technologies to lure audiences back into movie theaters.

In this context, two 1959 olfactory innovations — AromaRama and Smell-O-Vision — emerged. Both psychology and neurology have shown how closely smell is related to memory and emotion.

But the orchestration of smell in a “smell story” or “smell movie” is another matter. AromaRama involved pumping scents through an air-conditioning system, while Smell-O-Vision’s 30 odors were released from vents placed underneath the seats. Read more from…

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