News facts: Fujitsu workstations CELSIUS H780 and H980 offer on-the-go performance with the world’s most secure, VR-ready mobile workstations. The industry’s smallest VR-ready desktop workstation, Fujitsu CELSIUS W580power+, delivers performance, serviceability and reliability, powering virtual reality applications for CAD engineers, architects and designers.

No compromise between power and size: the CELSIUS J580 is the world’s only small form factor workstation to pack a full-height graphics card into a 10-litre design. Fujitsu introduces four new models to its CELSIUS workstation portfolio, combining powerful computing capabilities with extra-strong security features.

Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations are the ideal platform for accelerating innovation and data-rich design for immersive visualisation experiences such as virtual reality (VR). The new workstations are the VR-ready mobile CELSIUS H780, CELSIUS H980, micro-tower CELSIUS W580/W580power+ and the small form factor CELSIUS J580.

All models build in the latest technologies from Intel and NVIDIA, advancing workstations to a new era of processor and graphics accelerated computing. At the same time, Fujitsu has maximised physical and biometric security across the range, enabling secure working for an increasingly mobile workforce, and meeting even the strictest compliance requirements.

Across the line-up, Fujitsu’s new CELSIUS workstations offer biometric authentication. For the CELSIUS H780 and CELSIUS H980 mobile models, Fujitsu’s contact-free Fujitsu PalmSecure sensors are integrated into the top case, a further measure to protect against data loss in case of device or password theft, in addition to an integrated smart card reader and the secure cryptoprocessor TPM 2.0. Read more from…

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