The border between these digital worlds is already beginning to break down. Mixed reality (MR)is the intersection of both AR and VR.

Right now the biggest player in the mixed reality space is Microsoft, which is leading the way with its Hololens headset. In order to learn more about MR, we need to look a little deeper at both augmented and virtual realities.

A Primer on Different Digital Realities So much is happening in the world of digital realities that it can become puzzling to try and draw a distinction between VR, AR, and MR.  But each one of these realities can be quickly explained: Virtual reality (VR) immerses a user in a digital environment like a video game. Augmented reality (AR) places digital objects over a real-world view.

Mixed reality (MR) overlays and anchors virtual things in a real-world environment.   For VR, a computer generates the virtual environment that users then explore and interact with.

Special hand controllers help to enhance and integrate the body into the entire virtual experience. An ideal virtual world will be completely cut off from the outside visual view, along with noise-canceling headphones.   In an augmented reality, users interact with the real world while virtual content is added to the screen. Read more from…

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