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I am a game designer at Vertigo Games and in cooperation with Wolfdog Interactive I have worked on the VR strategy game Skyworld. My previous game design experience is very diverse, working on a hack-and-slash console game, on applied games for several platforms, and even designed a physical card game.

Over ten years ago I wrote a student post-mortem for Gamasutra’s Game Career Guide for a FMV adventure game. So, hello again.

Skyworld was demanding from a user interface perspective for two reasons: it is a cross-platform VR game, and a VR strategy game. We developed simultaneously for the Oculus, HTC and Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets.

Whatever UI we came up with could not rely on too many buttons, because the amount of buttons between controllers varies. More importantly, what felt right with one controller, was less comfortable with the other, and intuitive controls are especially important in VR.  In a strategy game you need a lot of information to know what’s going on. Read more from…

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