Gree has rebranded and expanded its ‘GVR’ virtual reality fund as it gears up for a second round of investments. The $12 million fund was launched back in April 2016 to help virtual and augmented reality developers find their feet, but with that wad of cash nearly spent, Gree wants to broaden the program to include more mixed and augmented reality projects.

With that in mind, the initiative will now be known as the ‘GFR Fund,’ and will look to invest a hefty $18 million in early-stage virtual, augmented, and mixed reality startups.  “We believe that virtual and augmented reality have the power to alter people’s lives by completely changing the way of interaction between people and computer which has been trapped in small, square screens,” reads the GFR Fund website. “We help talented entrepreneurs, who share the same passion and value with us, expand their businesses globally.”

You can find out more about the retooled program over on the GFR Fund website. Read more from…

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