Its the end of another year and this year I made something different to mark the occasion. In the year I bought an Oculus Rift, it seemed appropriate I make an end of year creation using VR.

The following creation was made using the Oculus Rift with touch controllers, in the Google Blocks app. When published to Google’s online service, Poly, you also get the opportunity to embed your 3D creation in a website for visitors (like you) to click and pan around, enjoying the work of others, even if you don’t have VR (see below). 2017 was another amazing year with dozens of new products reviewed, hundreds of industry developments covered and topped off with an amazing trip to Paris, France for the Vivatech conference.

2018 will mark the 12th year of running techAU and I couldn’t do it without the amazing support of you, the readers. Those people who continue to come back, enjoy the content I produce and to help share it with the world through social media.

While I contribute a lot of time to the site, I find it immensely rewarding in the people I get to meet and the opportunities that come my way, but this year has perhaps been one of the biggest in terms of technology transforming my life. Yes of course I now enjoy the world of VR through the Oculus Rift, but it was the move into a new home, in a greenfield estate that was the most significant.

Having FTTP NBN has truly been a transformation for what I do. Armed with an unlimited 100/40Mbps internet plan from MyRepublicAU, my wife and I simply use the internet, never ever pausing to consider if what we do will impact on other video streams, uploads or downloads occurring elsewhere in the home. Read more from…

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