Yesterday we reported on a mystery box that Oculus was sending out, as a surprise, to developers that signed up for the Oculus Start program. Now, we know what’s inside.

Dedric Reid, founder and creator of ambitious VR MMO MetaWorld, posted an image on Twitter today showing off what he found inside the box. Once the wrapping and cardboard are peeled back, it looks like developers have received an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers and two sensors, an Oculus Go, and memoralbilia such as an Oculus Start hoodie, moleskin journal, and glass.

Not a bad goodie box to suddenly find on your doorstep. Oculus Start is a program that Facebook created earlier this year to help small indie teams find their footing in the VR space.

As it turns out, hardware is a key first step in the program. Hopefully this will help teams get the ball rolling faster with upcoming projects.

Tagged with: oculus, Oculus Start Back in January we reported that Oculus was starting up a new initiative to help smaller, independent VR developers find their feet in the industry. The program was simply called Oculus Start. Read more from…

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