Mary Meeker has been one of the foremost experts in all things related to trends and IT. She’s had an illustrious career as an investor and has been preparing reports in the tech space for many years now.

She’s the leading insider for much of the movement that happens in terms of big changes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, especially in the startup space. Mary’s specialty has been in the space of predicting big movements in tech and macro-effects of them.

Whether that’s social media, or mobile phone adoption, her predictions impact Indian startups in a big way. “Internet companies are making low price services better in part from user data.

Internet users are increasing their time on internet services based on perceived value. Regulators want to ensure data is not used improperly and not all regulators think about this in the same way,”  Mary Meeker said at the Code 2018 Conference.

One of the biggest impact slides from her presentation were that the growth of new internet users had dropped from 12% YoY to 7%. This significant drop poses a threat to internet startups in India that are relying on scale and internet penetration. Read more from…

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