There is a major training crisis happening in the surgical community right now. As technology continues to advance, the need for newer and more specialized forms of training continues to rise.

But there are no resources available to teach surgeons both the new and existing ways of doing things. The result is that most surgeons aren’t getting enough training and it increases risks for patients every time they’re on the operating table.

Practicing procedures on cadavers, reading about them, or just watching someone else are never going to be as effective as doing things yourself — but you can’t fabricate the need for operations just because you need to train. This and other medicals problems are ones that VR is uniquely positioned to solve.

Osso VR is a virtual reality technology company founded on the principle of training surgeons with real world skills that can be directly applied when in the OR. It’s impressively designed and even the U.S. Department of Education agreed when they awarded the studio an EdSim prize.

Recently I had the chance to try out one of the training modules for myself to see what it was like. In the scenario I was installing a rod into someone’s shin after they had suffered a fracture. Read more from…

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