CNET también está disponible en español. Production designer Adam Stockhausen explains how filmmakers use VR headsets to treat their CG creations like real-life movie sets.

Ready Player One is an adventure inside a fictional virtual reality universe. So it’s only fitting director Steven Spielberg donned an actual VR headset behind the scenes to create the movie’s different worlds.

Spielberg and his team used VR to step into and explore the parts of the movie that would only exist as virtual, computer-generated environments, the same as they would walk around an old-fashioned physical soundstage. To find out more, I spoke to Ready Player One’s production designer Adam Stockhausen, the man in charge of realising the look of the movie’s two distinct worlds.

“They start in the same place, but then it diverges pretty quickly,” says Stockhausen of the creative process behind these different worlds. Ready Player One’s “real” world scenes were filmed the old-fashioned way, with human actors on real-life, honest-to-goodness physical sets.

Meanwhile the virtual environment of the Oasis, where the film’s heroes live out their digital fantasies, were conjured with computer-generated characters against computer-generated backgrounds. As on most projects, the production designer and his team began by collecting reference images to spark inspiration, before sketching ideas and concept art. Read more from…

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