The way job hunters look for jobs is shifting. Gone are the days where you write a CV and post it off to prospective companies.

With the introduction of the internet and apps, job hunting is more accessible than ever. Whether you’re recently out of school or college or you’re looking to change careers there’s a website which can help.

Some of the most known job search sites on the internet include The Guardian Jobs, Indeed and Reed. With the use of algorithms, these sites are able to list open opportunities which individuals are looking for when inputting a criteria list.

Technology within different industries Depending on the industry individuals will have a different view on the consequences of technology within. New gadgets and apps have caused many forms of entertainment to almost disappear.

Let’s take movie rentals as an example. Gone is the time where you visits your local movie rental company such as Blockbusters to hire a copy of the latest DVD. Read more from…

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