Founded in 2017, Lucyd is an emerging tech startup that specializes in developing augmented reality mobile apps and wearable smart products. Their flagship product offering is a pair of AR smart glasses, known as Lucyd Lenses.

These wearable eyeglasses allow a 120-degree field of view, while also featuring optical micro-displays, eye tracking, head motion sensors, fast refresh speeds, free-form optics, and zonal estimation for both regular and irregular pupils. Spearheaded by a top-tier team of optics experts, the Singapore-based company currently owns 13 patents for specific functions of AR eyeglasses.

In addition to owning a portfolio of patents and smart products, Lucyd also launched the LCD token to decentralize AR app development. Avoiding tradition and instead tapping into the rise of cryptocurrency, Lucyd has raised its funding round through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which will continue through the end of January.

As the world of cryptocurrency evolves and it becomes a more legitimate alternative to the dollar, a growing number of progressive companies are utilizing ICOs as viable means of raising capital. These unconventional sources allow founders to receive funding from investors who are intrigued by their product and vision, rather than following traditional formulas or rigid metrics to determine the decision to invest.

I spoke with Lucyd CEO Harrison Gross about the vision behind his company, the future of ICO investing, and his approach to developing AR products for the future. Harrison Gross: We view augmented reality as the next great step forward to help improve the quality of life by enhancing what you normally see with on-demand information. Read more from…

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