So many of us now know that the Oculus Go is a fantastic little piece of stand-alone virtual reality hardware. You don’t need a computer and you don’t need a phone.

It’s a portable and closed environment and that’s great! But it you have taken a bunch of screenshots and you want to share them with your friends, you don’t have a ton of options.

As it stands currently, the default sharing method for the Oculus Go is through Facebook. If you want to show off your Oculus Go adventures and don’t want to do it on Facebook, our guide will give you everything you need.

If Autoplay does not start you can manually browse to Oculus Go Storage through File Explorer. It will be named VR-Headset Once you have your VR-Headset open, select Internal Shared Storage Now you can access either the Screenshots or the VideoShots folder to copy whatever pictures or videos you want to your hard drive.

Now choose the folder named Oculus. Congratulations! Read more from…

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