I hate the large gap on the Oculus Go. So I spent a decent amount of time coming up with a few options to get rid of that gap — and I’m still looking for better ones.

If you try any of these out and they work for you, or you think of something better, let me know in the comment section below. Let’s use our brains together to come up with a solution!

If you’re experiencing a whole lot of light bleed the issue might be less on design and more on the headset not fitting your face. That’s OK though, there is a different fitted interface on the Oculus Store that is available for your purchase.

Thankfully, this accessory is pretty affordable at only $20, and its crafted with the same foam that comes standard on the Oculus Go. This interface is made differently to accommodate lower nose bridges and higher cheekbones.

So, before jumping into any DYIs or giving up on your headset, try getting yourself a different interface and see if it helps. Feel free to harness your inner Macgyver. Read more from androidcentral.com…

thumbnail courtesy of androidcentral.com