Ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show this week, HTC unveiled its new Vive Pro headset and Wireless Adaptor along with interface improvements for its Viveport VR marketplace and Vive Video browser. The Pro’s resolution is 78 percent higher than the current Vive headset, and it also features built-in headphones and a more comfortable form factor.

With the wireless adapter, both headsets can also be untethered. The ability to go wireless plus the marketplace improvements can improve the VR experiences of the everyday consumer, but the Pro will likely be a pricier headset and is geared more toward high-end and business users.

In the HTC showroom, a mix of games and enterprise solutions were on display, showcasing Doom VFR across the way from a forklift training simulation. In an interview with HTC’s general manager for the American region Dan O’Brien and director of VR Troy Edwards, I asked what these improvements mean for the company moving forward and what we can expect from VR in 2018.

Here is an edited transcript of our interview at CES. Above: Dan O’Brien introduces the HTC Vive Pro headset.

Dan O’Brien: I think this year, with CES, with the Pro, we wanted to tackle resolution, increasing the pixel density, the clarity, being able to handle use cases like reading text and going into details of design elements in what our enterprise and professional customers are asking us to do. And then we wanted to solve for audio. Read more from venturebeat.com…

thumbnail courtesy of venturebeat.com