HTC has a VR surprise in store for CES next week, though it’s not going to be too surprising after this teaser of a tweet (embedded below), posted Friday afternoon. It doesn’t say much, but HTC’s comment on new year’s “resolution” is obviously a play on screen resolution.

That hopefully means that HTC will be introducing a new upgraded Vive headset next week at CES, specifically on January 8. The significance of a 4K per eye headset from HTC would be two-fold.

First, high resolution displays are now the biggest drivers for increased performance in GPUs. Both AMD and Nvidia know this, and having a big player like HTC push spec requirements forward will only mean good things for gamers.

As monitor manufacturers start pushing 4K and 8K displays, you get a recipe for speedy GPUs. 4K per eye will also essentially solve the screen-door effect on headsets, an issue which has a big impact on clarity.

The caveat, of course, is that the GPU power required to drive 4K per eye at 90Hz or higher is enormous. The safer bet is a more conservative resolution bump—maybe 1440p per eye, instead. Read more from…

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