But fails to reveal sales numbers. HTC Vive has hit back following claims “VR is dying”.

In a blog post, HTC insisted VR had a bright future despite sales dropping off – but it failed to reveal a sales figure for its own headset. The blog post was sparked by an article on Digital Trends, which looked at sales numbers as tracked by Amazon sales rank data at Thinknum.

This data shows sales for all four major players (Sony for PlayStation VR, HTC for Vive, Oculus for its new Oculus Go and Samsung for its Gear VR) have fallen dramatically. Only Sony’s PlayStation VR headset shows sign of life, according to the report.

But it’s damning with faint praise: “That’s not a total disaster,” Digital Trends said, “rank 100 among all video game products isn’t so bad – but it certainly doesn’t indicate the headset is flying off shelves. Gamers are modestly interested, at best.”

HTC, clearly annoyed by the report, said sales of the Vive dropped off because it sold out. “Vive has paced at its highest sales velocity of all time, for weeks on end, and we sold out,” HTC said. Read more from eurogamer.net…

thumbnail courtesy of eurogamer.net