I’ve been with Mario Kart from the start. I’ve raced the Rainbow Road on the SNES, I’ve picked up the gold in the Mushroom Cup on the GameBoy Advance, I even tag-teamed my way through the curio that was Double Dash for the Gamecube.

But there’s nothing quite like Mario Kart VR. As a Mario Kart veteran fan that’s seen the series evolve from its 16-bit pixel roots to the silky visuals of the Nintendo Switch version, the new Mario Kart Arcade GP VR experience is like a dream come true.

If ever you’ve wondered what it’d be like to throw a green shell with your own hand, or go bumper to bumper with Wario’s wacky racer, this is your chance to really enter into the world of the Mushroom Kingdom. Situated in London’s O2 Arena at the Hollywood Bowl venue’s arcade, Mario Kart VR, as you’d imagine, isn’t your regular Mario Kart experience.

For starters, it’s not developed by Nintendo. Instead, like the existing Mario Kart Arcade GP series, it’s made under license by co-developer Bandai Namco.

What you’ve got then is an intense, 5-or-so minute race that takes advantage of virtual reality technology to give you a feel for what it would really be like to sit in the driver’s seat during a madcap Mario Kart race. First, the kart itself. Read more from techradar.com…

thumbnail courtesy of techradar.com