I’ve had a lot of virtual reality experiences over the last five or so years, but there has been nothing like flying off the edge of a platform 35 meters in the air and hurtling 30mph down a zipline with a Samsung Gear VR strapped to my face. I was offered the opportunity to head down to London’s Archbishops Park to zipline on the world’s longest and fastest city-centre zip wire, and I jumped at the chance.

Soon after – mostly because my TechRadar colleagues made me realize how mad the concept was – I realized how terrifying that moment of jumping off could be. But there was no getting out of it now, I had to go through with it.

After a quick safety briefing, I was harnessed up and marched to the top of the zipline to understand what the normal experience is like without a virtual reality headset on my face. Nerve wracking, sure, but it was nothing like what was set to come.

On the second run I would be using the Samsung Gear VR.  It was a modified version of the headset with the plastic casing from the front removed and some super secure bungee ropes holding in a Samsung Galaxy S7 so it wouldn’t fall down and smash on someone’s head. I was then asked to put it on at the top of the 35 meter tall tower for my second ride.

While climbing the stairs to the top, my instructor Rory explained how he felt when first trying the virtual reality experience. “It felt fine, and I wasn’t queasy it was just disorientating.” One of his colleagues at Zip Now, who had also done the experience before, overheard our chat and shouted out, “Remember to sit down at the end though.” Sickness is something we’ve all come to accept within virtual reality experiences but I haven’t felt ill in VR since late 2016 when first trying out PlayStation VR and the game Robinson: The Journey. Read more from techradar.com…

thumbnail courtesy of techradar.com