There’s plenty afoot in the world of videogames, and it’s not all about esports and loot crates. Countless developers are chipping away every day at passion projects, sometimes with a studio, but often times alone.

And it’s this legion of hard-working indie devs who have come up with some of gaming’s biggest ideas in recent years – recall that battle royale, which is probably 2017’s most important gaming trend, began as a humble Arma mod. So here at PCGamesN we like to take a little time each week to see what’s going on in the indie scene by slipping quietly into the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag and returning with a few of the games currently in development that we think look exciting.

It’s been a few weeks since we ran one of these, so apologies for that! But you can check out our last roundup here, and keep an eye on this space for more promising indie games in the pipeline.

There’s always room for the next big indie hit. Check out our list of the best recent indie games.

By Twin Otter Studios, no due date Twin Otter Studios is a brother and sister team out of Texas who have taken their love of ’90s RPG classics on the SNES and Playstation and poured it into a charming-looking tactical fantasy game called Arcadian Atlas. They’ve certainly nailed the look of the era, with gorgeous art and animation, and an isometric perspective that should be instantly familiar to anyone who played Tactics Ogre back in the day. Read more from…

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