Josh Constine (@joshconstine)”> Today, “Masters Of The Sun” debuts at Sundance Film Festival with the backing of Oculus and becomes available on Gear VR headsets. While Facebook’s VR division recently shut down its in-house Story Studio, Oculus has traded the heavy-handed control for a lighter touch, funding unique products it couldn’t conceive itself.

Masters Of The Sun is part Marvel, part Dolemite, brought from augmented reality-enhanced print into VR with voices like Queen Latifah, a score by Hans Zimmer, and the guidance of Stan Lee. It tells the story of regular people turned into super heroes as they try to save their community from drug-ravaged zombiesand the world from an angry alien god the Egyptians abandoned.

But what’s special is that Masters Of The Sun isn’t a video game. insisted you not be able to shoot the Zombies.

And it’s not a movie, racing forward no matter what direction you’re looking before you’ve processed the last scene. It’s purposefully built as a comic book, where gazing at familiar text bubbles nudges the story forward.

That way if you want to let the action or romance linger under your observation, you’re in control. “Working with people like Hans Zimmer, we had to invent music for it” tells me. Read more from…

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