Equinome co-founder Prof Emmeline Hillleads the research-and-development team in Plusvital. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons Ireland has been attempting to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship, with mixed success to date.

There have been several major breakthroughs over the years. And, in the many cases the greatest disruption and innovations have been led by women.

With International Women’s Day in mind we’ve picked just a small handful of the finest Irish female innovators shaping the island’s future. Founder and chief scientific officer of Nuritas.

Khaldi knew from a young age that she wanted to become a scientist. Combining science with technology, Khaldi is a mathematician with a PhD in molecular evolution and bioinformatics from Trinity College Dublin.

Nuritas uses AI algorithms to predetermine the effect bioactive peptides in foods can have on fighting disease or what health benefits they can offer. Khaldi has attracted an impressive line-up of investors including Marc Benioff, Bono and the Edge. Read more from irishtimes.com…

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