A first look at the billion-dollar company’s potentially game-changing collaboration with Sigur Rós Our tech overlords have come to a realization: The internet is as ambient as the air we breathe. Confined first to computer screens, then phones, tablets, and watches, online information may soon be seamlessly embedded into our lives like never before.

Silicon Valley’s big players are currently betting heavily on glasses that could replace Siri or Alexa with a digital assistant that looks and sounds as present as another person in the room. Turbo-boosted by machine learning, and with their power of illusion limited only by the human imagination, these new devices could herald a major cultural and economic shift.

According to tech giants, the not-so distant future will include holographic droids clanking around our homes, and a baby elephant in the palm of every child. All of which sounds kind of goofy—especially to anyone who remembers the epic flop known as Google Glass.

But it’s the next step in technology companies’ expensive pursuit of virtual reality. Classic VR brings into being the sci-fi dreams of an entirely computer-generated world.

But now there’s also “augmented reality,” familiar from 2016’s Pokémon Go craze, where digital information is layered over a person’s physical surroundings. Most transformative of all could be “mixed reality,” which allows virtual objects to interact with a person’s natural environment: The Matrix, but set in your living room. Read more from pitchfork.com…

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