US manufacturing services company Jabil Inc’s (NYSE:JBL) has announced today that its Green Point division has opened its new 2,000 square meter Optics Technology Innovation Center in Israel. The development and manufacturing center in Haifa will provide the Israel tech community with additional opportunities in computational cameras, projection systems and combined solutions Jabil Optics VP Irv Stein said, “Our Optics Innovation Center is fundamental to Jabil’s mission of becoming the most technologically advanced manufacturing services provider in the world.

We recognized the growing demand for premium optoelectronic solutions more than a decade ago, and proactively sought to address it with the acquisition of the Carl Zeiss projections systems group. Our support for optoelectronics customers has been on a steady, upward trajectory since.

Today, our unique services help to drive the market for mobile devices, AR/VR, automotive solutions and medical devices to name a few, and we’re well-positioned as a manufacturing services leader in this fast-growing market.” The new Jabil Optics facility in Haifa’s Matam Park will meet the growing demands of Jabil customers who are looking for specialized expertise and resources for complex assembly and integration of optoelectronic systems. This includes optical design; development and manufacturing capabilities for camera modules; and projection systems being produced in this facility. These solutions are important assets for smartphones, tablets, e-readers and laptops as they prepare to serve mobile, virtual, augmented and extended reality products seeing rapid growth and adoption.

The Center will also create leading-edge automotive products and solutions including advanced driver-assistance components, DMS systems, head-up display units and LiDAR systems. In May 2017, Israeli car sensor company Innoviz announced a partnership with manufacturing company Jabil Optics to mass produce InnovizPro. Jabil Automotive & Transportation VP Chad Morley said, “Jabil’s advanced manufacturing and technology capabilities are enabling the Automotive industry to develop increasingly complex electronics that improve safety, efficiency, intelligence and connectivity of all types of vehicles.

We’re actively engaged in several global automotive opportunities to industrialize and bring to market advanced LiDAR solutions for mass-market adoption. By leveraging our cost-optimized hardware, global manufacturing expertise, and strategic partnerships, we can meet our customers’ needs for dependable, high-quality products.” Today, Jabil employs more than 600 people in Israel and expects that number to continue to grow in the future. Read more from…

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