Though the Mallrats sequel-turned-series is now loitering in front of a comic-book shop along with the prospective follow-up to Clerks II, Kevin Smith has found a new way to return to his mostly non-speaking role in his own franchise. As The Verge reports, Smith is developing a Jay and Silent Bob series for STX Entertainment’s Surreal division—and it will be in VR.

The new series, which will also star Smith’s longtime collaborator Jason Mewes, will be a live-action comedy that’s “shot from the point of view of his Silent Bob character” as Mewes’ Jay “leads the way through a string of idiotic adventures.” The stakes don’t sound quite as high as Smith’s proposed meta-sequel or reboot, which would see the duo try to stop Hollywood from rebooting its already disastrous adaptation of Bluntman And Chronic. That project was supposed to begin filming last fall, but it doesn’t look like it got off the ground.

But when we think about it, VR is actually the perfect medium for the antics of Jay and Silent Bob—you can experience not getting off the couch without ever getting off the couch. Jay And Silent Bob VR isn’t the only VR project that STX already has lined up; the Surreal division’s also picked up an action-comedy starring Dave Bautista, who’s more than held his own opposite Chris Pratt in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies.

STX is also developing a VR series with Robert Rodriguez starring Michelle Rodriguez, as well as an untitled live-action show from John Wick’s Derek Kolstad. Read more from…

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