Hopefully this doesn’t get weird. In a press conference on Thursday, Timberlake denied rumors that he was planning a surprise ‘N Sync reunion for his halftime performance on Sunday (Beyoncé already played the reunion card in 2013, after all).

Instead of performing with his old band mates, Timberlake will reportedly appear onstage with Prince, resurrected via hologram. Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre famously gave the first major performance alongside a hologram in 2012, when Tupac appeared onstage with them at Coachella.

The technique hasn’t really grown beyond a gimmick since then, though Jared Leto used it last summer to accommodate his busy schedule. It’s a risky move for Timberlake, because the whole shtick could easily upstage his performance.

While it makes sense to do an homage to Prince when the Super Bowl is happening in his hometown (and Timberlake recently held a listening party for his new album, Man of the Woods, at Paisley Park), the timing feels a little weird. Prince died in 2015, so it’s an oddly long wait to do a tribute.

And it’s hard to not think that Timberlake might be trying to ride the coattails of one of the most memorable halftime shows in history. There’s debate about which halftime show exactly is the greatest of all time, but Prince’s in 2007 is iconic. Read more from gq.com…

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