For its academic concerts, the New Music Touchpoints festival combines the old with the ultra-new, using musical instruments invented centuries ago in tandem with the latest virtual reality gadgets. Held in Lisbon, Portugal, on June 11–20, the festival will broadcast its events in Kyiv using 360-degree virtual reality technology.

New Music Touchpoints was founded this year by the team behind Kyiv Contemporary Music Days, another academic music festival, which has been held in Kyiv annually since 2015. The founder of the festival — pianist and composer Albert Saprykin — says that even though the concerts are being held in Lisbon, the team didn’t want Kyiv citizens to miss out.

“Because of how wonderful our favorite audience in Kyiv is, we will organize live streams (broadcast) in 360 (degrees),” Saprykin told the Kyiv Post. The festival will feature 30 musicians from all over the world, who will play modern academic music and give lectures.

Some of the events will be broadcast live in Kyiv Mohyla Business School starting from June 15. Kyiv fans of classical music, wearing virtual reality headsets, will be able to see every corner of the Lisboa Incomum music hall, where the concerts are to be held, and experience the events as if they were sitting in the audience.

The festival’s history started last October, when a friend and regular of Kyiv Contemporary Music Days, Portuguese composer and musician Jaime Reis, opened a music venue in Lisbon and proposed that the festival team host their concerts there. The group, headed by Saprykin, decided to take a risk and arrange a festival in the country in which they had never held an event. Read more from…

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