Posted: Aug 16, 2018 10:03 PM CDT MADISON, Ala. – Alabama is one of the states with the highest number of fire related deaths in the country and the City of Madison is working to reduce that.

Madison Fire & Rescue’s new Virtual Reality trailer is taking fire safety education to the next level. Alabama is top five in the country for fire related deaths.

Madison Fire & Rescue wants to change that. “We want to be the catalyst for change, for fire safety in our local community so we’re starting here and hopefully spreading the message throughout the state,” said Michael Sedlacek, Capitan of Community Relations for Madison Fire & Rescue.

The fire department’s brand new F.A.S.T trailer, which stands for Fire and Safety Technology will make fire education easy to learn. “It allows us to incorporate Virtual Reality experiences into fire education, so it helps us develop more of the senses that people experience on a daily basis, being sight, touch, feel and also hearing,” Sedlacek explained.

The VR headset will take a person through three common scenarios: distracted cooking, home safety check and a live active fire. “Those scenarios per national fire data are some of the most risky scenarios that we do have in the home, so we want to teach them how to actually handle those things as they happen,” Sedlacek added. Read more from…

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