But only a few people will get one. The Magic Leap One, Creator Edition will cost $2,295 and may disappoint anyone expecting the seamless blend of computer graphics and reality shown in the company’s promotional videos.

That’s because the Creator Edition is an early version created specifically for software developers, not consumers. The rig includes a set of black goggles with translucent lenses, a disk-shaped computer, and a hand-held controller.

It’s available only in a few cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angles and Seattle, and will be hand-delivered by someone who will help set it up. Think of it as an elite Geek Squad.

The system creates an altered, or augmented, version of the space around them, rather than the immersive computer-generated world of virtual reality headsets. The glasses project light into your eyes, creating the illusion of 3D objects inches or feet away.

An early demo video showed a user holding a tiny (virtual) elephant in the palm of their (real) hand. The relatively small number of people who have tried it say the the technology excels at seamlessly combining the computer images with real-world settings. Read more from money.cnn.com…

thumbnail courtesy of cnn.com