Although the VR/AR market hasn’t really stood out much because of the CES, a number of developers still showed great enthusiasm and have been actively progressing. Microsoft added the Reality Rooms in the Garage, allowing staff members to test VR/AR/MR hardware and software during their break time.

Nintendo, although not very involved with VR, also introduced Nintendo Labo, a series of DIY kits that have a similar playstyle to VR games. When it comes to hardware, the price of the Oculus Touch controller, which was previously only available as part of the whole set, can now be purchased separately for $70.

Moreover, the HTC Vive Pro was selected as the best game controller at the CES. The entertainment center Area 15 will open in Las Vegas in 2019 Recently, VR experiences are becoming more and more widespread.

Even Las Vegas, one of the most lively cities in the world, is starting a VR franchise. Area 15, which is set to make its appearance in Las Vegas, is a completely reformed world.

It has themed activities, artistic mechanisms, restaurants, bars, and a splendid nightlife. The venue is targeted towards gamers and Sci-Fi lovers. Read more from…

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