Then sit back, strap in, and prepare to race. I’ve been waiting a long, long time to give Mario Kart VR a go, and much to my relief, it’s entirely worth the wait.

Now available at the Hollywood Bowl in London’s O2 Arena and coming soon to locations in Leeds and Tunbridge Wells in the U.K. (sorry, U.S. readers!), Nintendo’s sort-of VR debut offers 3 minutes of the kind of fanboy heaven many people have dreamed about since booting up any one of many Mario Kart games since 1992’s original Super Mario Kart.

With just one lap available per play, your time in this lovingly crafted world is going to be limited, and the creators at Bandai Namco makes sure that you spend it wisely. To that end, it largely crafts the experience for you.

Mario Kart VR isn’t about winning — it’s about experiencing; there’s no kart customization and no difference between which of the four characters you end up playing as (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, or Peach.) Drifting around corners is also out in favor of a much simpler control scheme, and the usual assortment of weapons is reduced down to a green shell, banana peel, and hammer. It’s an undoubtedly condensed experience, and quite different to the Mario Kart you know and love, but what it lacks in depth longevity, it makes up for with pure childish delight.

It’s also more dodgem’s than racer, as the only say you really have in getting first place is whacking friends with power-ups, and even then they’re given plenty of opportunities to recover. I also ran through the track three times and, on each go, the AI-controlled Bowser and Wario seemed to overtake me at the exact same moments. Read more from…

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