The Markelle Fultz situation in Philadelphia has only grown more confounding as the NBA season rages on and there continues to be no set time table for his return. Ostensibly, the root of the problem is a lingering shoulder injury that has dramatically affected his shooting form.

The No. 1 overall pick has reportedly been trying all sorts of strategies and drills to essentially “relearn” how to shoot a basketball, which isn’t a sentence that inspires confidence at all, and even Sixers president and GM Bryan Colangelo admitted last week that Fultz still doesn’t have much ability to shoot anywhere outside the paint.

Naturally, there’s been plenty of debate as to how much of it is physical versus mental. Regardless, the organization remains adamant that he won’t return to action until he can fix his form, so the training staff has recently gotten creative in their attempts to add a more fluid, natural rhythm to his jumper. Read more from…

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