Disney-raised and Harvard educated, Benjamin Crockett, 28, dropped everything during the second year of his thesis at Harvard Divinity School to take a sabbatical in Rome. His mission is to use the latest technology in virtual reality to document the Church and her advocacy.

“I want to resurrect that sense of heroic Christianity that the Church has always been involved in but that I think has largely been forgotten,” said Crockett. What better way than virtual reality, he thought.

Virtual reality — VR — immerses oneself into a near-to-real-life environment, usually discovered through VR goggles or hand-held devices. As a growing professional in virtual reality, Crockett explains that VR registers in the brain as a memory.

It captivates the audience by allowing them to be in the shoes of the protagonist; therefore, the body “becomes” part of the experience and the memory hits deeper and lasts longer. “You’re able to empower people and create this idea of first-person storytelling, where the audience is at the heart of the experience,” he told the Register.

Collaborating with EWTN’s Rome office, Crockett films multiple virtual-reality projects using the Samsung Galaxy Gear 360 camera and the GoPro Omni, which is comprised of six GoPros shaped in a cube. He also helps with the social-media networks from the Rome office. Read more from ncregister.com…

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