January 29, 2018

By Carlos Collazo Long before 2017, when the Winter Meetings trade show would be littered with new products pushing the boundaries of technology and baseball, virtual reality interested Jarrett Sims. “I was just a creative kid and played every sport imaginable,” Sims said. “When I started playing baseball I thought one of the things that would be awesome is if you could prepare in a way that you could see Arthur Rhodes.

He was my favorite pitcher.” Those were just trivial thoughts during his childhood, but as Sims grew older he watched as the technology surrounding virtual reality continued to progress.

He remained intrigued. And one day during 2016, while standing on the pitcher’s mound of Safeco Field with his dad, Dave (a play-by-play commentator for the Mariners) and brother, Sims had an epiphany.

“I was like I have to make a life change,” Sims said. “We jumped into it after doing a bunch of R&D for a couple months.

That’s kind of how it came to be “From a technology standpoint we’re working with guys who have built amazing experiential products, they’ve created hardware and software paired together, (artificial intelligence), all sorts of things that hadn’t previously existed in the form that they brought it into existence in. It’s a similar case here because with RibeeVR we are building something from the ground up and we have some very big goals for it.” Read more from baseballamerica.com…

thumbnail courtesy of baseballamerica.com