– Beautifully realized storybook world
– Fantastic sense of presence alongside Quill
– Satisfying puzzles and combat encounters
– Excellent DualShock 4 tracking interactions – Feels a little short
– Some puzzles aren’t clearly communicated Moss is a remarkable game. Not just because of how good it is (and it’s quite good) but also because of the mere fact that it exists at all.

The VR market is overrun with mature-leaning shooting games full of blood and gore and developers have an obsession with developing these games from the first-person perspective. If it doesn’t have motion controllers with full, smooth locomotion no one seems interested in playing.

But Moss defies all of these expectations. Moss is a third-person top-down isometric action-adventure-puzzle game featuring a tiny little mouse.

There’s no blood, no gore, and very little combat to speak of throughout the entire adventure and you can only play it using a single DualShock 4 controller in your hands. The past two years of covering VR games has led me to believe that games like this just weren’t “for” VR as a platform, but Polyarc has proved me wrong.

If you’ve played titles like Lucky’s Tale, Edge of Nowhere, or even Chronos, then you know there is a good bit of value to be found in third-person VR games. You lose a bit of presence typically in those other examples, but you gain a lot of perspective and scale. Read more from uploadvr.com…

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