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It looks like three classic, and one not so classic, Magic Kingdom rides are about to get major updates. For some time, speculation on what Disney will do to address the aging Tomorrowland area at Magic Kingdom has filled theme park forums and rumor sites.

But recently these rumors have taken on a new life, as multiple insiders are now seemingly agreeing on what this update will entail. Before Disney confirmed the new TRON coaster, which is currently under construction directly behind the Tomorrowland Speedway, the dated speedway was strongly rumored to be leaving.

The belief was this was where Disney would be building the, at the time, rumored TRON coaster. Ultimately, Disney decided to use an expansion area across the railroad tracks for the new roller coaster.

One reason for this shift might be due to guest surveys that pointed to the speedway being a popular attraction for families, especially on return trips. The move to keep the speedway surprised many because the dated attraction is known for its bad smells and large footprint.

A few months after Disney had confirmed, via TRON concept art, that the speedway would be staying, go-karts from the Tokyo version of the attraction arrived backstage at the Magic Kingdom. At the time, many thought this was a sure sign the gas guzzling cars of the Magic Kingdom attraction were here to stay, but it now looks like that’s not the case. Read more from…

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