NEW HAVEN — One thing is certain: We are all aging. Aging gracefully and with dignity is not so certain, but Aging2.0, a network of entrepreneurs, agencies and individuals, has a mission to improve out odds of enjoying the latter part of our lives.

The 5-year-old group recently added New Haven to its network of more than 50 chapters worldwide, bringing together adults, young and old, to talk about and demonstrate ways to make growing older easier and more enjoyable. “Globally speaking, the main mission of the organization is to bring together innovators in aging, senior care and the longevity space to create a better world for older adults through innovation and technology,” said Brian Geyser, the New Haven chapter’s ambassador.

Geyser is vice president of clinical innovation and population health for Maplewood Senior Living, based in Westport, which has seven locations in Connecticut, as well as facilities in Massachusetts, Ohio and New York City. As baby boomers grow older — Geyser called it “the silver tsunami” —the market for innovative products and services is growing ever larger and Aging2.0 is helping to lift up the best ideas and products.

Geyser said the network’s aim is to “create an aging innovation hub in the state with the goal of identifying new and emerging technologies that are designed specifically for older adults and also accelerating innovation in those startup companies and also to share best practices in aging senior care.” At its New Haven launch party on Nov. 8 at Kitchen Zinc, the group held a “Shark Tank”-style event, in which three companies pitched their senior-focused products: Valisure, based at 5 Science Park and founded by Yale University alumni, which analyzes the quality of the ingredients in prescription medications.

Jamber, founded by Allen and Diana Arseneau — she grew up in Milford — which makes mugs, plates and bowls that are designed for comfort and reduced strain on joints, ligament and tendons. Rendever — the night’s winner — which enables seniors, through virtual reality, to visit places in their past or have new experiences. Read more from…

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