When the weekend hits, it means new VR games here at VR AND FUN. And this weekend is no exception.

Let’s check out some of the fun new VR games that have just released for the Oculus Rift. Check out last week’s new games Below is the full list of recommended new games to play on Oculus Rift this week: Conversion: Artificial Dawn – FREE Conversion: Artificial Dawn is a rails based movement arcade style shooter game.

You are Agent Matt Stone and your job is to stop the rogue A.I Andy. Your time is short, the enemy’s power grows daily as he converts your fellow humans to his side with nanites and powers his zealot followers with modifications.

Use your environment to hide from enemies. Dodge bullets.

Check your six. The threat is looming, but you can overcome the obstacles with strategy and skill. Read more from vrandfun.com…

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