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Japan’s National Daily Since 1922 July 23, 2018 (Mainichi Japan) TOKYO — A venture company set up by a former Sharp Corp. employee has developed a system that uses virtual reality (VR) to allow consumers to make purchases at stores without going there. The company, Tokyo-based “team S,” is aiming to launch full-scale service in 2020 when next-generation telecommunications standard 5G is to be put into practical use.

In the future, the company also plans to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) to VR spaces to guide customers inside stores. “The system will allow consumers to virtually drop in at shops and buy goods they choose.

By using VR, 5G and AI, we’d like to create a next-generation online shopping platform,” said Akira Takashima, president of team S. When a customer wears VR glasses or goggles, they can see images of the inside of a shop they want to visit, which are live-streamed via the internet. The customer can verbally order goods from a shop employee and have the items delivered.

The system will also allow shops to launch online retailing without opening a website. A major Japanese communications company has extended technological cooperation to “team S” in developing the system. Read more from…

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