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Email: editor@japantoday.com©2018 GPlusMedia Inc. VR Sense, Koei Tecmo Wave’s new hyperrealistic virtual reality capsules, were released more than a week ago, promising unparalleled gaming experiences that would revolutionize the digital world. The capsules come in two varieties, each one built to hold an adult and fully transport them to another world.

▼ The “Sparkling Blue” capsule caters to the senses with concert, rollercoaster, and horror experiences ▼ and the “Sparkling Silver” capsule caters to fantasies by putting you in the middle of “Dynasty Warriors,” “Dead or Alive,” and more. In just five days since release, the VR Sense capsules have racked up over 5,000 plays, allowing Koei Tecmo to collect valuable data on which games appealed most to the general public. Here’s the current ranking: Third place: “Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense” Pick one beautiful girl from among three — Kasumi, Honoka or Marie Rose — to accompany you in a wet and wild adventure.

Participating in mini games unlock new swimsuits for the girls, and netting high scores rewards players with time to appreciate their individual personalities and assets. Players can enjoy wind blowing in their faces and feel water splashing on them as their partner takes a shower in one particular scene.

Each girl also has a different scent, which adds another twist to the game. Second place: “Dynasty Warriors” “Dynasty Warriors” sees players squaring off against throngs of foes in deadly close quarters combat.

Armed with a trusty sword, you block deadly attacks and unleash lethal combos back at them. Charge your weapon up and go wild with an ultimate ability, slaying anyone who dares stands in your way. Read more from japantoday.com…

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