The XTAL 5K HMD by Prague-based VRgineers. “XTAL is short for ‘crystal,’ ” notes Martin Holecko, one of the VRgineers co-founders.

“It symbolizes the new crystal-like polygonal structure of the headset and our obsession with a crystal-clear image in VR.” The headset also enables voice commands through its built-in microphone and voice recognition software. With the XTAL, VRgineers also introduces its proprietary AutoEye technology, which automatically aligns lens positions with the user’s eyes.

Fast and accurate IPD (interpupillary distance) setting is especially useful for optimal image quality and in multi-user environments. VRgineers specializes in high-end head-mounted displays (HMDs) for professional designers, engineers, employee training, and simulations.

I first tried its first HMD, the $9,000 VRHero 5K Plus, several months ago. I was astonished by the powerful 5K visual experience.

The new headset is slightly heavier than my everyday Vive rig. The new XTAL headset weighs 1.7 lbs (770g) including the Leap Motion sensors. Read more from…

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